I am a writer - I write about a variety of topics in a variety of styles. While I have been trained as a technical, scientific writer, I've recently begun to branch out and try my hand at non-fiction and fiction (even though I will take free-lance technical writing gigs!). My goal is to eventually make my full-time living in fiction writing, but in the meantime, while I slog away during the day doing and writing science, at night I'm building my free-lance portfolio.

Listed below are a few samples of my short-story work and references for the pieces I've sold thus far....

Feel free to browse and read. Feedback on any pieces you read is more than welcome - just email me at tim@timlightfoot.com!

Published work -
These are some recent pieces that I've actually been paid for! My unpaid, scientific papers are elsewhere (click here for those articles). Copyright issues prohibit my posting these pieces, but if you're really interested, let me know and I'll send you a copy.....

"The Flying J Ranch - Keeping the Old West Alive"
New Mexico Magazine, In Press for June 2003.

"Your Hidden Advantage - The Advisory Board"
Fitness Management, April 2002.

Regular Writer for General Learning Communications
(a magazine repackager) - some examples:
"No Limits: Fitness Despite Physical Challenges"
"Why You Should Go To Court ----- For Sports!"
"The Need to be Flexible"
"What are you waiting for? Strength Training is for Everyone!"
"Female Athletes and ACL Injuries"

Unpublished work (at this point :) -
These pieces are a variety of styles - humor, satire, sarcasm, fictive drama - so you'll just have to try them out and see what you like (and let me know!)

Fear = (Cockroaches + Laboraoty)/History
Eight Steps in Repairing a Race Car
Keeping Our Airports Protected
The Toyman and My Father
How To Not Hate English
A Day In The Life...
I'm Going To Be A Physicia!n
Fear and Loathing of Human Subjects