Resources for Inquiring Minds

NOTE: If you are interested in actually trying to find the truth about some of these topics, the below resources are a great start toward that (but certainly not the end!). Feel free to email Tim about any of these resources....Enjoy!


The Pursuit of Science in a Christian Context - Phi Kappa Phi Forum - Randy Isaac - 2007 (Excellent articl on the American Scientific Affiliation -

DNA as Destiny - Wired Magazine - Nov. 2002 (Great article on SNPs and genetic geneology!!)

A real Scientific Critique of the RATE Group's Zircon-Helium project

Tim's Evolution Triangulation:

Michael J. Behe - Darwin's Black Box - The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution (one end of the spectrum)

Richard Dawkins - The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design (the other end of the spectrum)

Kenneth Miller - Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search For Common Ground Between God and Evolution (the middle)

Studying prayer's effects: an exercise in critical thinking

Benson, H, et al. Study of the Therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer...Am. Heart J 151(4): 934-942, 2006
And the editorial point! (good study to start using your critical thinking skills on)

The Mythical Conflict between Science and Religion:

False Conflict - Rodney Stark
(excellent synopsis of the role that Christianity played in developing science)

For God's Eye - Charles Murray
(discussion of how much of human accomplishment has been done in God's name)

Making Sense of Science:

I Don't Know What to Believe....Making Sense of Science
(excellent brochure on understanding Scientific writing and publication