Pebble In The Pond: Beginning a Dialogue on Science and Religion


NOTE: These resources have been selected by Doug and Tim to augment our Focus class discussions. As such, they are covered under the Fair Use clause of the Copyright regulations. However, further free dissemenation of these resources outside of this class is prohibited.

The Class Audio & Powerpoints: (clicking on each will download them to your computer):
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(Week 1) Foundations
(Week 2) The Great Myth
(Week 3) How is Science Done?
(Week 4) Four Views
(Week 5) How Do We Know What We Know? (powerpoint) (streaming audio) (mp3 download - BIG file!)
(Week 6) Reading Science and Kuhn? (powerpoint) (streaming audio) (mp3 download - BIG file!)
(Week 7) The Genetics of Christianity (powerpoint) (streaming audio)
(Week 8) Paradigms and Theology; Conclusions (powerpoint) (audio)


DNA as Destiny - Wired Magazine - Nov. 2002 (Great article on SNPs and genetic geneology!!)

Tim's Evolution Triangulation:

Michael J. Behe - Darwin's Black Box - The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution (one end of the spectrum)

Richard Dawkins - The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design (the other end of the spectrum)

Kenneth Miller - Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search For Common Ground Between God and Evolution (the middle)

Studying prayer's effects: an exercise in critical thinking

Benson, H, et al. Study of the Therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer...Am. Heart J 151(4): 934-942, 2006
(good study to start using your critical thinking skills on)

The Mythical Conflict between Science and Religion:

False Conflict - Rodney Stark
(excellent synopsis of the role that Christianity played in developing science)

For God's Eye - Charles Murray
(discussion of how much of human accomplishment has been done in God's name)

Making Sense of Science:

I Don't Know What to Believe....Making Sense of Science
(excellent brochure on understanding Scientific writing and publication